New couches & bows

ok so we have never bought a couch a day in our lives. We have always been blest to be given someone's old one. I have wanted new couches since we moved here but we decided that with small kids & messes it just was not something we want to spend money on & have them ruined. But I will say the Lord bless us in abundance. This lady from our ward was getting new leather couches and emailed everyone to see if anyone wanted her old ones. FOR FREE! I jumped right on it thinking they would be crappy since she got new ones, but low & behold they are really close to what I would have chosen if I could have bought them in the store, new. What I really love is the pillows on the back are attached and the seats cushions are velcrowed on. We have had them for one week and the kids have not taken the seat cushion off. Yeah! We are more strict now & won't let the kiddos bring food of any kind onto the couches. What a blessing!
I have a few hairbows for Emma but have been wanting some more and my friend Katy said, "we can make those" SO WE DID. Here are the bows we made! Thanks Katy!
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txmommy 11:52 AM  

wow! look at all those posts :)

Cute kid pics, they are darling.

I like your bows, were they hard to make?

jessica & co. 12:46 PM  

i love making hairbows...i wish we still lived closer!
yours are super cute.

Kathy 5:54 PM  

No they were not that hard, but def. a lot easier if you have a crafty hand like Katy.

Katy 9:25 PM  

I still think the brown and pink are my favorite. I found some ribbon here that we can make some more for. So lets get together and get those done.

Anne-Marie 10:03 PM  

That is awesome about the couches! We finally ordered our first "own" couches in February, but when they came, the were ripped, so we canceled the we are back to square 1, with the same couch we had when we lived in Baton Rouge!

I need to learn how to make bows!

Jenn Wilson 6:28 AM  

That is awesome about the couches. So glad that worked out for you. If hand-me-downs could always be this nice... so excited for yall. I am still trying to make my mind up what I want in the house. Guess that is what I get for being picky.