Emma loves to eat...........

This is it! Quaker Oatmeal Old Fashioned Oats! With 1 spoonful of white sugar mixed in. Thats it. She calls it her sweet oatmeal!


Allyson 7:56 AM  

Good for her. I love oatmeal. At least she likes something healthy.

Jenn Wilson 6:12 AM  

The plain kind?? Wow I'm impressed. I'm trying to give up sugar and bought the plain, wow it was hard to eat without the spoonful of sugar. Good for Emma.

Farrah 9:54 AM  

At least it is something healthy!

I love the plain oatmeal too. That is all we eat in this house (can't stand the instant kind). And my baby will eat 2 bowls in one sitting!