Grapes of Wrath Book Review

Ok well I am finally finished reading Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck. I wanted to read it because it is a classic and I enjoy reading. I like to keep my mind open to different authors and their styles of writing.

Summary: A family during the depression era moves west because they are kicked off their land and try to make their way to California and to a better life.

First of all I don't like when Steinbeck takes a whole chapter (usually just a couple of pages) to describe a certain situation or time. When I came upon those chapters in this book I usually just read the first paragraph, got the idea & moved on to the next chapter because these chapters were very repetitive. Yuck.

The hardest part was the middle of the book. But over all I did enjoy this book. I got close to all the characters and even after I was finished reading the book I found myself remembering things they went through. It sure made me grateful for all that we have. I TRY not to take what we have for granted.

The end of the book was weird because it just left the family still in their horrible situation. But I also like the ending because it showed how real the book was, there was no magic fairytale ending.

Thats all I want to say about the book. I would encourage you to read it. Warning there are a lot of bad words. Thats about it.
Happy Reading!


Sweet Papery 4:11 PM  

Steinbeck is one of my favorite authors. I love East of Eden- it's my favorite of his.