Whats in Your Purse?????

Since one of my obsessions is purses, I thought it would be fun to post about it.

In my purse is my current book I am reading (see side bar), my wallet (no cash), an extra house key, baby wipes, 2 diapers, the RS declaration (I am trying to memorize it), my lip balm, sunglasses, old movie tickets, coupons, a pen, my ipod & earbuds, my scriptures (in prep. for sunday I put my scriptures and completed lesson in my purse so I don't forget it), my Palm Treo Phone. This is my purse (pictured above).

So comment below on what is in your purse at this very moment.


Allyson 7:25 PM  

Not much at the moment because Addison pulled everything out.

adamanderin 10:28 AM  

Wallet, keys, tanning lotion, goggles, TWILIGHT, and a checkbook.