whats happening now

This is the cutest picture of Spencer "just chilling"!

A while ago Emma was bugging me to make ginger bread men. I finally obliged. Her and Spencer had a blast decorating sugar cookies, (the closest thing) although they turned out nothing like gingerbread men. It was fun.

Emma & I played bubble war.
It was so much fun trying to teach her how to blow a bubble. She still does not get it.

My forehead is peeling: we have been swimming a lot last week and I neglected to put sunscreen on my forehead. It was kinda red for one day & then began to peel & is still peeling.

Our family got the BUG: then we passed it to my brothers family. It is a very contagious & nasty thing. Hit is Wed and we have cycled through in this order, Spencer, Emma, Mom & Dad. We all stayed home from church today to make sure no one else got it. So glad that is over.

Since we stayed home from church today we went to lds.org & taught the kids their primary lessons & then went over our sunday school lesson and will do the RS PRS lesson later cause I don't know which one they did. (cant find my list) It was fun. Emma loved doing it. She is getting so involved in things we do with her, while Spencer is still at the running off stage. Fun family times.

Well thats all I have for now.


nikko 1:14 PM  

Glad you are feeling better. Sorry about the bug! What a good mom you are for following up with their primary lessons. :o)

jessica & co. 7:59 AM  

brennan can't figure bubbles out, either.
jackson runs away, too...so don't feel bad. i felt like i was a prison guard at FHE, not a mother.