Emma of Green Gables

Well I finished the book my grandmother loaned me "Traitor" I was really good (made me cry) but I am mad at her because there is a sequel. Yikes! Just another book on my ever growing list to read! Ha!

Now I am finally getting to read Anne of Green Gables. I had purchased this while back as I posted before. It is an interesting read. I am enjoying it but she "Anne" is kind of annoying because she talks so much. She reminds me of a teenage version of Emma.

My cousin Farrah does this thing on her blog called "Would You Rather" & I have one of my own from Anne of Green Gables (my current read). Ok p. 17 Anne asks her new adopted dad, "WOULD YOU RATHER, be divinely beautiful or dazzlingly clever or angelically good? So I am posing this question to you and will comment later on my answer.

To go on about the book, I do love the imagination this girl has because I have never really had a great imagination and always admired people that do, my hubby being one of those people. Although a few parts are very predictable I can't seem to put the book down. Also love the rather short chapters make easy stopping places. But don't love the chapter headings that seem to tell you ahead of time what will happen in the chapter.

So if you have time I would put it on your list to read!


Cathi 8:39 PM  

I just read those books for the first time last month and I too loved them. Although after about the 4th one I was ready for it to end, it tends to drag on after that. But still a great series that I couldn't put down!

txmommy 10:41 AM  

i guess good...although clever would be a close second :)

I love Anne of Green Gables. Lu's middle name is Anne with an E partly for her.

Allyson 10:39 PM  

I would choose dazzlingly clever most definitely.

marcia 11:32 PM  

Oh I love ANNE and I guess good but I want them all:)