Ok the above pictures sum it up. If you know me at all you will understand the first picture. Smores yummy. I have been craving them. As for the second picture. If you know me you will be confused. Kathy, she is not a camper. So why the on going itch to camp. Well if you must know, the real reason is probably because I have not been in forever, so actually can't remember all the annoying things I hate about camping. No for real. I want to go so bad. I want to make some family memories. Our kids are finally old enough to enjoy themselves. I think we would have fun.

Problem #1 it is July here in Texas, NEED I SAY MORE!
I really want to go when it is nice weather. I think that makes all the difference when you are camping. Well thats all I have for now just indulge in my craziness. Oh I did get my Smore craving taken care of. Ovens are great things!


txmommy 3:11 PM  

maybe October?

Allyson 10:35 PM  

You could come here. It is beautiful in the mountains this time of year.

Katy 7:38 PM  

You can make smores in your microwave, it only takes 15 seconds. jueyn

I have a good life 1:03 PM  

We love to camp, too. We did once in July. NEVER again...wait until the Fall! :)