Spencer and his cat naps

I have to say I am very surprised at the result of our little boy (20 months old) sleeping in his big boy bed. Let me back up & tell you the whole story. Last week I took all the kids outgrown clothes out of Spencer's closet and organized them all into plastic tubs and we put them in the attic. I found a chalkboard/whiteboard easel that my neighbor was throwing away and put that in Spencers room. As a result there was no room for the crib. I was just ready to put it in the attic along with the bins and so we did. You see we already had a twin bed in Spencer's room. Well I said to myself, "why did I take his crib down he was not having any problems. Am I going to regret this? Well the answer is NO NO NO. The very first night he only woke one time and Steve actually got up and put him back to bed. Then every night since he has slept all night. He did wake up at 5:30 am one day but he took a long nap to make up for it. I am so happy that he is doing well.
PS he is cutting his 7th tooth. It is his bottom Lateral Incisor . & 8th bottom left side Molar. Wow according to this chart he was supposed to cut this tooth a long time ago. My kids were both late bloomers in the tooth department. We never follow the rules! At least my kids did NOT come out looking like this: