Holly's Baby Shower

These girls are the best!
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The Tall and Short of it 5:17 PM  

I had a great time yesterday!! It was a lot of fun! You guys did a great job! Holly is really lucky to have friends who love her so much!!
So we were thinking GNO the 19th?? What do you think??

Kathy 8:14 PM  

Yes that sounds great. Is your mom still in town?? Where do you want to eat at? We should do something like Chili's a little less expensive.

Colleen 10:29 PM  

We should go to Cheddar's! I LOVE Cheddar's and it is comparable to Chili's. There is one on Heritage Trace and I-35. I have band practice all day next Saturday in Celina, but I'll be there if I can get back in time. I'm not sure what time we are getting started/will be finishing up...

jessica & co. 1:35 PM  

did that cake come from publix? it looks just like the one we had for jamie girl.

Kathy 9:41 AM  

Jessica, no I got that cake from Sams.