To catch yall up,,,,

Well today I pulled out all the "too small" clothes from Spencer's closet, thats where they were stashed and I put them in plastic tubs to be put in the attic. Now all I have to do is resort them and label the plastic tubs. Sigh....

This is a picture Emma drew. I just wanted to share it with the world because it is the first thing that she has drawn that actually looks like something, a weird something but something. (by the way our budding artist is only 3).

This is our old MP3player and we wanted to still get use out of it and so I downloaded all the church primary song book from the internet and we let Emma listen to it. It is great was for her to learn her primary songs. I am so excited about this idea and she thinks she is so cool with it.

This was a gift to Emma for her birthday last year. Just wanted to share cause it was so cute. We use it for her Sunday church bag.

This is what my crafty self has produced. Design idea borrowed from Holly. Thanks for our cute gift Holly. I let Emma put her snacks in it at the beginning of the day so she is not going through the pantry all day.

Well this is our first harvest here in Texas. Meager compared to all the stuff we grew in LA. Yes one lonely cucumber. It is actually greener then the picture is making it out to be. This little guy also has a brother that is growing in the garden but too small to pick right now. Good job Steve.


marcia 6:24 AM  

is that pic drawn on a door/

Kathy 2:04 PM  

No that picture is just drawn on a piece of scratch paper that you can see threw to the other side.

The Acosta Family 2:10 PM  

I love the idea of the mp3 player with primary song on it. BTW, I posted finally!