Weekend with the Grandparents

Steve's parents came down for the weekend and we had lots of fun. Here are a few pics from our weekend!


Maren 6:31 PM  

Laurel insists that the bottom picture is Emma no matter how many times I tell her it is her brother. I guess they look alike, huh?

Jenn Wilson 9:48 PM  

Tina looks so cute, Richard still the same. Where were yall at? It looks like fun. I wish that brick could be my driveway or something. How fun!

Kathy 12:43 PM  

Maren, that is too funny!
Jenn, That picture is taken in Fort Worth, TX at the stockyards.

Jeni 8:22 PM  

My nephew and Aaron's brother has that "Big Guy" "Little Guy" tee shirts, too.