To get caught up!

Wednesday we had a play date at the McDonalds. Here is a picture of Spencer eating chicken nuggets with his friend Bradley.

OK this week has flown by so fast so I will post while the kids are napping. Yes I made Emma take a nap even though it is 4pm because she has been soooooo challenging.
First of all this week Spencer went to the doctor for his well child 1year exam & shots. Here are the stats: he is 23 lbs & 2oz. he is 30.5 inches long and has a head circum. of 18.9. Well he is doing great! That is somewhere in the 70 percentile of everything. I think.
Tues we went and got Christmas photos done. Will post soon!

Michelle, Katie, Colleen

On tues night one of my friends Michelle had a spa party and we got facials and hand & foot treatments. It was fun!


txmommy 8:58 AM  

I love our play dates, I'm so glad you and Emma and Spencer come. Maybe Lucy and Emma will become good friends :)