Busy Weekend

*We had a very fun filled and busy weekend. It started on Friday at noon. I had the book club at my house. 5 People came which is one more than last time but we really had a great time.
*Then on Friday night we had a Girls Night Out! We went to Olive Garden and had about 20 people come. We did not get home till late, but had a fun time talking. I am still recovering from that late night.
*Then on Sat am my mother in law flew in on her way back home. So she stayed with us for one day this time. I was so glad she was here. She was such a big help! She went grocery shopping with us, and helped us prepare for our guests. On sat night we had the couples dinner group at our house. We served jambalaya and salad and bread and root beer floats for dessert. It was a great success and we had 13 people. It felt like Thanksgiving. We also played Cranium. We had a blast with out the kiddos.


Allyson 9:43 PM  

WOW! Sounds like a fun weekend. I love cranium. We have family cranium too and my kids love it. Just wait till yours get old enough to play.

Maren 9:17 PM  

I think "Busy Weekend" is an understatement...hope you get to relax over Thanksgiving!

Holly 9:51 PM  

You weren't kidding, that was a busy weekend, sounds like a lot of fun though.

Stacy Hutchinson 8:52 PM  

Jam packed! It sounds like you really had a great time. I'm happy to hear it!