This is the finished table in the kitchen!


Cathi 9:32 PM  

Nice table! I really like the black and the dark stain. Good job Steve!

Maren 7:32 AM  

That is so impressive!

Allyson 9:44 AM  

Very nice.

Jamie 2:56 PM  

Now that's some talent!

The Acosta Family 4:27 PM  

He did a really good job! That is really nice.

Lexi, Troy and Peyton 8:05 PM  

He just keeps getting better and better... he could make a mint doing some on the side projects!

Kristy 9:05 PM  

impressive. I want.

Jenn Wilson 9:27 AM  

Beautiful. I love the woodgrain too. I'm sure it looks so much better in person. Great job Steve!

Jeni 9:23 PM  

Looks Gorgeous!