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Ok Ok Ok I finished reading "A Long Fatal Love Chase" by Louisa May Alcott today and I will have to say it was good. Thanks to all my BR friends who encouraged my to keep going and finish it! And by the way just so I am not confused Rose and who dies in the end? It is the priest right, not the so called crazy husband. Please confirm! I just want to make sure I read that right! And does anyone have any ideas to how SHE died exactly? Come on let have our own on-line book club!


Maren 10:32 PM  

Tempest dies in the end, not the priest. He kills himself, as I remember. I think Rosamond dies of drowning. Didn't Tempest's men mistake her boat for the other boat? How quickly I have forgotten the details.

Lexi, Troy and Peyton 6:43 AM  

Maren's right- Tempest kills himself to be with her even in death. She'll never escape him according to Tempest.

Kathy 8:37 AM  

ok thanks for the clarification. I was kinda confused.