Early Christmas

So our camera broke (not the nice DSLR one, just small Sony we have had for 3 years) and Steve was going to surprise me with a new camera for Christmas. I guess he was a little leary of me using the nice camera every time I wanted to take pics of the kids. So he said he could not wait any longer and wanted me to have one of my gifts early. I told him I would rather be surprised and wait. But he insisted. So here it is. He got me a RED Samsung S730.


Joyismygoal 4:49 PM  

hey I finally got to your blog again cool camera tell me how you like it

Kathy 12:39 PM  

I like it ok so far. I was getting kinda spoiled with Steve's Digital SLR that responds a lot faster. This camera is pretty slow after it takes the picture it takes about 5 seconds to process it. But other than that it is ok.