* I am almost done with my book -New Moon
* My in laws are coming this friday & I need to start cleaning the house
* Weaning from the bottle is hard for my son
* Cutting your top front teeth at the same time is painful
* I have been in one of those moods lately (some people call it PMS) but it is not my time of the month
* I don't like waking up at 5am when I am tired.
* I want to get a babysitter but every time I think I am about to call someone I hang up because I feel sorry for who ever I am asking.
* Stake conference was last Sunday & I did not get a thing out of it except our Stk Presidency got released. We also left 30 min early. (Kids were having a bad day.)


Cathi 12:21 PM  

I think we've all been there. I know this Sunday was unusually good for us. Ainsly slept through Sacrament (which has never happened!) and Dawson slept through the rest of church - I actually even got to participate during Relief Society! It was the best Sunday in a very long time, and I'm totally cherishing it since I know we won't have another one like that for years probably.

Farrah 12:44 PM  

This one made me laugh:

I want to get a babysitter but every time I think I am about to call someone I hang up because I feel sorry for who ever I am asking

Jamie 2:29 PM  

I know how you feel! Sometimes you just get in a rut.

Just think of all of the "real-life" parenting skills those babysitters will be getting when they have to deal with two toddlers. You'll be doing them a favor, right? : )

jessica and bart 9:20 AM  

just call someone with kids you feel are equal to your own. then, when they ask you to return the favor, you won't feel sorry.
or, if you hire some high schooler, she won't know what hit her and she'll be happy for the buck fifty an hour you pay her :-)
hope your week improves...

The Acosta Family 12:16 PM  

I agree with Farrah. I am still laughing about that one even though I know you are halfway serious.

Kathy 4:45 PM  

Farrah & Kim thats for putting that into perspective for me and making me laugh and myself because when I wrote it I was actually very serious. But now I laugh.

Allyson 1:27 AM  

Kathy, call a babysitter! They can always say no if they want, you don't know until you try.

Kristy 9:11 PM  

you need to get a babysitter. I know how you feel though. I felt that way when owen was a baby because he cried all the time. the first time someone else watched him, it was a friend without kids who offered to help and he cried for two hours-but you know what? she survived and so did owen. and i got a much needed break.