Spencer has been such a joy in our lives. He still has only 2 bottom teeth and it is so cute when he smiles. He loves his older sister and always gets excited to see his mommy or daddy. He loves playing outside and also loves taking baths. He is walking everywhere and also starting to go faster (a baby run). He is so cute and we love him more than words can say!


Lexi, Troy and Peyton 3:15 PM  

The cake in the background is so cute- it looks like a giant cupcake!

Maren 7:06 PM  

Happy Birthday Spencer! Wish we were there to celebrate with you!

Stacy Hutchinson 7:49 PM  

Aww, I wish I could see him walking. I'm happy to hear that he only has 2 teeth b/c Ian hasn't cut one yet and he's almost 9 months. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SPENCER!!!

Kathy 8:53 PM  

Lexi, Thanks for noticing. I made the cake and your right, it is a giant cupcake. "Cupcake" was the theme.

Maren, Wish yall were here too.

Stacy, I just saw that his two top teeth are cutting through his gums as of today. Never fear, the teeth will come.

Allyson 12:28 AM  

When was his unoffical birthday?

I can't believe time goes by SOOOOO fast. I remember this time last year. There were a whole bunch of us ready to pop.

Allyson 12:30 AM  

I just noticed the cake! How cute! Did you make it? What did you put around it to make it look like a cupcake? I wanna make one like that for Addy's b-day.

Allyson 12:32 AM  

Ok. I guess if I read the comments BEFORE I post mine, I might learn something. I still wanna know what you put around the cake.

jessica and bart 11:13 AM  

happy birthday little boogie!

Kathy 5:52 PM  

Ally, you just take card stock or I used contruction paper and fold it (fan like). then tape it around.

Farrah 7:43 PM  

Happy Birthday Spencer! I love all these one year olds in our family!

The Acosta Family 12:18 PM  

Happy Birthday! I wish I could have gone to the party. I still have not seen your house.

The Acosta Family 12:18 PM  

I miss family parties!

Kathy 8:02 PM  

yeah you should come visit!