A Night of Scrapbooking

Angela, Kathy, Holly, Colleen

Last night we had a fun night of scrap booking at Heather's house. I am glad we have started this tradition. I look forward to many more fun nights like this. By the way anyone interested in doing this you are all welcome to join us. It is $10 a person. (pays for you food, and there is always a door prize). Heather sells Creative Memories but she is really cool about everything. Next time is October 10 from 6pm-11pm, at Holly's house. Let me know if you want to join in!


Holly 7:00 PM  

what an awful pic of me...I request its immediate removal...I had a ton of fun just chatting and sitting down for the first time in a week. Please always always remember that YOU are loved :)

jessica 3:28 PM  

oh, how fun! a night out to do crafts is always a good time, esp. if junk food is involved.

The Tall and Short of it 9:53 PM  

I really enjoyed that night! It was great to chat with all who attended. I am so glad I went! I didn't get a lot done, but I got to know friends a little better!

I agree with Holly!!!!!!(about the loved part, oh and the sitting part!)