Grass is Greener on the "our" side

Our day was filled with cleaning house, doing artwork (or crafts- Emma calls it) & playing out side until it began to rain. It has rained a lot lately, no wonder our grass is so green. I love it.
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Cierra Rafajko 8:33 PM  

Sounds like it was a good day. The pictures of your kids are so cute! I know what you mean about the rain. It's been great! We've really needed it for a while.

I have a good life 12:15 PM  

How fun the rain is! You are such a great mom. I am always so impressed with how they always seem to be first in your life.

BTW: I have noticed that you always have such great hair! I love it! :)

Marissa 1:19 PM  

I wish it would rain here! I love the Utah, but I have to admit I miss a good southern rain storm!

Meghan 7:39 AM  

Your kids look just like you! So very cute. And I like the green grass.

Colleen 2:17 PM  

Spencer has such a happy and adorable smile. He looks like he is lovin' life!

Julia Roberts 7:03 PM  

What cute pictures of your kids. I just love Spencers smile. :)

(your grass does look beautiful and green).

The Acosta Family 8:16 AM  

you are about to get a lot more ran. After us of course.

Jamie Girl 2:26 PM  

Hey Kathy, how are you? i have a favor to ask,I am trying to put together a special gift for Jessica Remington's upcoming baby shower (next week)and i NEED your help! Since we can't ALL fly to omaha for the shower, I am going to create a memory shadow box, so please email me a special memory that you and jessica have shared together along with a word of baby advice. Oh and it is a SURPRISE... so keep it on the down low!

kelly 12:09 PM  

Emma looks sooo much like you in this pic!!