What we have done this week

Sunday we made homemade play dough for Emma. It kept her busy for almost 2 hours.
Monday I took the kids to the Chilsolm Park. Emma played in the dirt with some other boys that were there, then we walked around the pond.
Tuesday we went to the Trinity Trails park for the RS Enrichment Picnic. It was fun.
We also got to see Uncle David on Monday for a brief few moments, he is letting Steve borrow his 2 man tent for the camp out this week end. It was good to see him he has been so busy! Also last night I went to a baby shower at the Robert's home for Ceirra. It was fun to chat with the girls. And congrats to Kriste for winning the Fastest Mom to hang clothes while holding a phone & baby award! If you were there you know what I mean.
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jessica 3:28 PM  

just reading about your week made me tired!
oh, and you sure do go to a lot of baby showers! not that that is a bad thing...

nikko 8:39 PM  

It was fun! :o)