A Family Saturday

Saturday we decided that we would have a family day. We would forget about most of our chores and spend as much time together as a family. Steve was out of town 2 days this week on a business trip & because of seminary and work we did not see him much.

So Saturday morning we went to Buffalo Trails park. We let the kids ride their bikes and walk along the trail. Then they played on the playground. Then after that we came home & let Spencer take a nap.

Then we headed out to the Grand Opening of the Credit Union Service Center (near Walmart) and had fun. They had lots of games and free prizes for the kids and they had a bounce house with a slide. The fireman also showed us their truck and we ate free hotdogs, popcorn, & snow cones. It was awesome cause everything was free. We had a great time and went home tired.

This is a picture of Emma with one of the Dog Characters. She kept hugging it. It was too cute. Spencer on the other hand was so scared of it.