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jessica and bart 3:15 PM  

cute costumes. hope you guys have fun getting candy tomorrow! at least this is a holiday where there is no religious reason to celebrate (for LDS anyways) so we can be totally into the candy and nothing else. (unlike christmas...which is a good reason for the season and all, but you have to explain gifts and the birth of our Saviour...halloween, you just explain that people are crazy and want to give you candy for no good reason other than to ohh and ahh at your costumes!)

Maren 6:37 AM  

Very Cute! I am assuming that's a stuffed dog Emma has. You guys didn't buy a real Toto, right?

Allyson 11:39 AM  

Very cute!

Jeni 2:22 PM  

LOVE Dorothy costumes!

Kathy 6:50 AM  

Yes that is a stuffed dog. Even though my kids would love to have a dog!

Jenn Wilson 5:46 PM  

I love it. they are sooo.. cute! Emma's hair is long too. I can't believe she has 2 long pigtails. Love it.

The Acosta Family 12:20 PM  

Your kids are soooo cute!