Good Book !Hu!

This is a cute pic of Spencer has nothing to do with what I am about to blog about. The book I just finished was Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. It is the book we are reading for book club. I went into it a little mad that I had to put aside "Twilght" in order to finish it in time for book club (because I was so into "Twilight" and did not want to put it down) BUT I was pleasanly surprised. It is an easy read & quick read (even for me) and I loved it. It is a story of a girl who grew up on a mountain and the Prince is going to pick his wife from among these mountain girls because the preiests said so and they have to go to this Academy to be refined and taught and there is a love interest and he picks a bride and it is just a really cute little story and it kept me guessing and surprised me. I would definatly recommend this book to one and all. Also no bad language or scenes.
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Cathi 8:08 PM  

I read that book a while ago and really enjoyed it. It is definately worth reading! And so quick and easy, I think I read it one afternoon while the kids were napping.

Allyson 9:00 PM  

We read one of her books for book club a few months back. I can't remember what it was at this very moment. But it was really good.