Warning: You may only read this post if you will make an oath not to JUDGE me.

Ok I warned you:
This is just what I wanted to do to so many people today.

It began at 7am at the Honda dealership getting our car fixed. (by the way we did not leave until 10:15) The shuttle guy came & asked if any one wanted a ride. I knew we would at least be there for 2 hours or more so I said yes we want to go to the mall. He proceeded, in a nasty tone, to discourage me from going. I just said "never mind, it sounds like you don't want to take us."

The next person I wanted to "stick my tounge out" to was the lady that came up to me and said, "you know they have a playroom for the kids to go to. HAHAHA you don't think I know that. But instead of sticking out my tounge, I just told her that we had already been in there for an hour and the kids were bored of it.

The next person I wanted to "stick my tounge out" to was the woman at the pool that keep pulling her kids away from Emma because she was splashing. She also kept giving her dirty looks. I am so sorry but you are in a pool and you will get wet. I eventually just had to leave because it was soooooo annoying and Emma would not stop slashing. Imagine that.

PS. Maybe we should just stay home.


Holly 12:16 PM  

I was wondering why that woman brought her kids to the pool if she didnt want her kids to get wet....I thought that was sort of understood...; ) Some days are like that, dont let it get ya down.

Allyson 9:09 PM  

Oh Kathy, I am sorry. I hate it when people get mad at kids for splashing in the pool.

marcia 11:41 PM  

I know some days walking away is the best we can do

txmommy 5:50 AM  

come splash at our pool, we encourage it.

Anonymous 9:11 AM  

...but was Emma splashing AT the other kid? That would have annoyed me too. As for the lady asking if you knew about the playroom, she was just probably trying to be helpful. I can't speak for the guy with the shuttle though. That sounds like laziness.

Audrey Sabin 9:58 PM  

Don't you just love it when people give you the "MY kids will NEVER do that!" look? Happens to me all of the time! ;)

Hey, I'm so glad that you found us; it's been a REALLY long time. I really do love blogs... (sigh). They're so great for reconnecting with old friends. Shoot me an e-mail at gooberaud@hotmail.com; I'd love to hear how you and your family are doing.

jessica & co. 1:45 PM  

it always drives me bonkers when somebody tells my kids to stop splashing when they are playing in the pool...i don't want to stick my tongue out, though...i want to punch them in the nose...
oh, and i'd have made the lazy man drive you to the mall, anyways!

Kathy 12:19 PM  

Come on anonymous if you are going to make a comment like that you have to tell us all who you are.

Thanks for everyones understanding.........well most of you, about my bad day.

Colleen 5:51 PM  

I just love you, Kathy! You are so much like me, I think. I know Jackson is going to have a ton of energy because he is BEN'S son, so I'll be right there with ya soon! Some people are just rude. One time a lady made a rude comment under her breath at me for having a stroller in Sam Moon at Christmastime. What's up, people with kids don't get to Christmas shop?? I guess all the people they need to get gifts for are just out of luck. By the way, has THAT lady ever tried to carry around a wiggly 24 lb baby who wants to grab everything in the store?? I bet not. What did I do? (Got mad and vented...to my aunt later)