More pics from BR. The first is a view of Baton Rouge, second is the famous fountains downtown and here is a picture of Spencer's head. He had 5 staples on Thursday night the day before we left for the Baton Rouge trip. It was really scary for me because I am the one that dropped him outside, but we were blessed and he is ok. Needless to say we thought we should take him with us. He gets them removed on Father's Day.

Also I wanted to say we missed Emma so much. She had so much fun with Grandma & Aunt Kelly, Kristen & Nevaeh. They went bike riding, park with sand box, play ground, Aquarium, etc. She had so much fun. Thanks so much to my awesome Mom & sister who are always willing to watch my child. It was awesome when we picked up Emma she ran to me & said, "mommy (with so much love & excitment in her voice) We had truly missed her and were so glad to get our big hugs. She grew up so much in 3 days.
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Colleen 10:56 AM  

How scary ~ I didn't know Spencer was injured. I'm so glad he's okay! It doesn't look like he had fun though with those 5 staples. I would be crying right there with him! How did you deal with that??? I'm glad you had a good time and we are glad you are here, too! ;)