Spencer Time Out

Yes my son is 19 months old and yes we have started putting him in time out when he does things that he is not supposed to. I just thought he looked so darn cute sticking his nose in the corner. It is actually kinda funny, he will go to the corner when I tell him to. I am not sure how long that will last, probably not too long. SHOUT OUT TO THE SUNNYVALE FIRE DEPT. Uncle David got that for the kids last year. It is still really big on Spencer he wears it to bed.
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Allyson 8:44 PM  

All our corners in the kitchen are dirty from kids standing in them.

The Awesome Rawsons 7:55 PM  

you know, i'm finding it really hard to discipline Sadie because she does the cutest things when i'm trying. Like tonight she slapped Jared and he firmly told her "no. we don't hit!" and she said "bye bye" and pulled a blanket over her head to avoid him. We both started silently laughing. How will she ever take us seriously when we're laughing at her?!