Super Mom, Lifeguard, Lifesaver, Life Guard etc

Today we went swimming at our friend Holly's neighborhood pool and we had a great time. I finally got Emma to swim in the "deep end" with her floaty. Spencer also enjoyed it.............UNTIL Emma pushed him into the baby pool. Super mom to the rescue. I had to jump out of the big pool and run and jump into the baby pool. It was kinda scary! Spencer is fine. We of course left the pool right away and I think I will just lock Emma in her room forever. Sigh......


I have a good life 1:21 PM  

How S-C-A-R-Y! So glad that he is just fine. Good thing for those Super Moms! :)

marcia 9:00 AM  

I was a lifeguard-- and those moments happen soooo fast --good that you got him

jessica & co. 8:42 PM  

sometimes don't you want to just strangle your children? i have moments like that,, you are not alone.

Allyson 7:08 AM  

They eventually find a way out. I have tried it before.

The Acosta Family 11:51 PM  

make sure you get back to the pool though, or else he will only remember that time and always be scared of the water. That was the issue we had been having with Brandon for the past 2 years because of 2 different almost drowning incidents. This year he is learning to swim (with his lifejacket on though). Better
than last year as he had a death grip on me in the water even though he had his life jacket on.