More fun pictures from Baton Rouge Part II

- Steve :)
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Jenn 6:07 AM  

I love the purple verbena one. Very cool Steve! Mike looks really cool chilling in the water. That reminds me I need to go and take some shots of that big cat. Did you take the one of the flowers (forgot the name) up top where the title is? I love it!

txmommy 7:21 AM  

wow! he got some great shots! Now I want to go to Baton Rouge!

Allyson 9:04 AM  

Looks like you had a fun trip. Poor Spencer. He is offically all boy now that he has his first stitches/staples.

Kathy 11:08 AM  

Jen, Yes Steve took the purple flower picture that is our header.

marcia 7:04 AM  

good shots sound fun