More on the BR trip

Well the pictures below are just a few that Steve took during our stay in Baton Rouge. He had fun with his camera.

Spencer screamed on the entire plane ride to Baton Rouge and was great on the way back. He did pretty well over all. He loved getting all the attention for once from both of his parents.

Both weddings, Brent & Robin and Fern & Candace, were awesome. We had so much fun seeing everyone from Baton Rouge. It was a great opportunity to visit with friends.

At Fern & Candace's wedding I almost cried it was so neat to see them two finally enter into the sweet covenant of marriage. We are so happy for them.

Other side noted from our trip: I left my book, "the bean trees" by Barbara Kingsolver, on the plane.....oh man....was my exact wording when I realized I left it.

Also we ate at a few yummy places while we were there, Raising Canes and Steve got his crawfish fix at Sammy's.

We got to see Indiana Jones. It was awesome & I actually got to see it all while at the same time entertaining Spencer. It was a really good movie. Lots of action!

Also we walked around LSU, took lots of pictures, saw our old house & our first apartment.

We also got a free upgrade on the rental car, so we got an SUV, fun!

We are still recovering from the early mornings. When I say early we had to get up at 3:30am to make our flights.

Glad to be home in Texas. We both decided we are glad we are here. We love our home!