What was that again?, I can walk on water & No matter what happens!

Last night Emma was really tired when I put her to bed and read her a story. I sat down by the door because this is what it takes for her to not scream at the top of her lungs and for her to sleep in her own bed. She usually just falls off to sleep but she said, "mommy I don't want to LOST you." "What was that again" I said, "Mommy I don't want to LOST you, & when I wake up and your not in my room." By now I got it and reassured her I would always be near." I am so grateful for this age where my kids want me around and that sweet moment helped me to be more grateful to be a mom.

Then about a minute later right before she nodded off to sleep (i think she was in a pre-dreaming state) she said, "mommy I can walk on the water, I can swim." I said "ok honey go to sleep and she was out like a light. I cracked up! How funny is that!

Also, another sweet moment: If you know Emma she loves to sit on my lap and hug & kiss me all the time. I have realized something so cute that she says, every time she is hugging on me & looking me in the eyes, with a real soft 7 serious voice, she says, "no matter what happens, mommy, no matter what happens." O.K. so I know she got this off of a movie but I don't know which one & it just tugs at my heart strings every time she says this.


Stacy Hutchinson 9:10 PM  

Kids really do say the darndest things! Yesterday Ayden was very serious and said, "Now you listen to me!" So I listened and he said "I love you." They can be so sweet when they want to be.

Jenn Wilson 6:58 AM  

That is so stinking cute. And what a cute innocent way to express her feelings. Aww...

Allyson 10:10 PM  

how sweet