txmommy 8:38 AM  

uh oh! Well Gracie and I are so excited for Emma's party. We'll try and be nice guests :)

SOrry about the car, that is hard but yea about the camera! I love when something breaks that I wanted to replace ;0

I know how you feel..I am always teaching the kdis what to do, and telling my sunday school class and then I struggle with the same thing. You're not alone!

jessica and bart 10:46 AM  

bart bought me a camera last christmas (which was not my favorite) and it accidentally (honest) got dropped down a bunch of bleacher steps at an LSU basketball game...i got to return it and get a...car radio, cause ours was broken...i got a brand new camera this summer when our old digital really did give out on us.

i'll let it out now...
i am tired of my primary chorist never even taking a second to consider my suggestions.
i am fed up with one of my primary teachers never coming and never calling
i hate being in debt, yet here we are.
i miss my family.