Let's Skate

About a month ago Nevaeh had her birthday party at the skating rink. Emma skated almost the whol time. This was her first time ever and she loved it. She has been asking almost everyday if we can go skating again. Thanks Destiny & David who helped Emma skate at the party.
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jessica and bart 4:00 PM  

why do little kids love to skate so much, even though they are so horrible at it and could fall at any second and break a bone?
we took brennan to a tiny tot skating thing here where they "lock" the wheels and teach the kids how to skate. brennan loves it, but i was holding my breath the whole time.

Allyson 9:28 PM  

Oh my! Look at how grown up Destiney is. I haven't seen her in forever.

Lexi, Troy and Peyton 3:25 PM  

Jess- what are you talking about?!... I STILL fall when I go! ;-)