Book Review


I just finished Fablehaven. It is a very juvenile book and in the first half of the book I kept saying, "ok like that can really happen." It was not until half way through and the end that I really enjoyed the story. In the beginning the story just was not becoming real to me. But like I said in the end it was believable, well kinda. Overall a good book for kids to read- over the age of 8. In other reviews it is compared to Harry Potter and I say po po on them for making the comparison. I would recommend you read the book if you want a fast read with a fun story and I heard there are more in the series. Not sure how many.


Cathi 8:22 PM  

2 in the series so far, and a third is coming out soon I believe. I really enjoyed both of them. You might also like the Leven Thumps series and the Faerie Wars series (warning, first bit of Faerie Wars is wierd, but it gets better really quick).