My wonderful hubsband!

I don't think I realize what a great man I have. Just a few examples are:
* On many days when I am tired and frustrated he takes Emma and goes shopping.
*He is always buying me flowers or bringing small things like my favorite candy bar home, just so I know he was thinking of me.
*He calls me often from work to see how my day is going.
*He often tells me he loves me!
*He often tells me I am beautiful!
* He is tells me he wants to make me happy.
* When I am complaining or arguing he is often the peacemaker and says we can work through this.
* He is my CALM from the STORM.
*He gets on the floor to play with the kids, goes outside to play with them and reads to them.
*He cooks........ALOT.
*He puts up with my grumpy moods.
*He would never think about putting our family at risk in any way- physically, economically, or spiritually.
*He never complains when I ask him to help.
*And he is my tall, dark, & handsome prince charming.


Jeni 11:28 PM  

We must be on the same wavelength. I put up a post concerning Aaron today, too! Yeah, Steve is pretty're a lucky girl!

Joyismygoal 2:07 PM  

That so wonderful, he sounds just like my hubby! I know the gospel brings out the best doesn't it:>

txmommy 6:49 AM  

what a great post! Seeing the good in someone is a wonderful gift...and makes it pop out even more in our eyes and in theirs.

We'll miss you today. THe play ground in the mall is really fun.