Quiet Places

So I have been wanting to post about this topic for a long time but have not actually sat down to do it.
Sometimes I dream of place to go
That I can call my own.
A place where I have no kids
Or husband to please.
A place filled with books galore
And a comfy sofa to lounge while I read
A place with no TV, no music, no screams
Just a quiet place, for me to read.
A place where laundry does not need to be done
A place where no one says "oops I dropped my sticky bun"

But then, I think
What a lonely place this would be
With no kids to hug
And make me laugh
No husband to love
And appreciate my half

There are both kinds of places
In this world that we live
We all have the choice to make
Am I willing to sacrifice
And have a kid?

Yes I think I know where I will go
Where I'll roam
Yes, you see,
I would like to go HOME!

I want to be greeted
By the ones that love me
By the ones that want to sit on my lap
The ones that want to read
The same story over again
The ones that cry
When they are tired or cut
By my husband who
Loves me no matter what