Everything that is old is new again...

Honestly, everyone who voted for Obama on the premise that he would bring "change" to Washington, time to realize you've been duped. You didn't do your homework and so we are all going to suffer if this so called stimulus bill gets passed. Mr. HopeAndChange should be right up front in saying that pork doesn't belong in the stimulus bill.

From CNN.

I don't think McCain would've done better either....nor do I think most of these things are bad, I just think they are bad in a bill that is being rushed through congress on the grounds that it will stimulate the economy. Put them in their own bill and let them be debated for what they are. I just find it funny that no one is calling Obama on the carpet for this mess, they would've done that to Bush in a heart beat. Enjoy the change!


Betsy 1:43 PM  

You are kinder than I am. If I was better at expressing my opinions with clear concise words my blog would turn into a conservative political blog. I get frustrated that people don't seem to understand that all this spending has to paid for--and that means more taxes. Money doesn't grow on trees to help us pay for our household living expenses and it does grow on trees for our government either.

Maren 9:36 PM  

Yeah, there's a lot of spending in the stimulus bill, but you'll notice now that Obama and the gang are getting called out on it (at least more than when the bill was up for vote in the House). It's not likely that the Senate will pass the bill as it stands, so some changes, hopefully in a positive direction, will be made. Inflation is a huge concern, and Obama is aware that if the biggest spending bill in the history of our country doesn't make his constituents' lives easier, he's not going to be able to blame Bush.

Now's as good a time as ever to pray for our leaders and our country. Pray for the families who work hard every day and are trying to figure out how to personally manage tough times, without asking for a social handout. Hehehe...I guess I have my own secret soapbox!

Kathy 9:22 AM  

Just to let yall know. That this post was written by Steve. Although I do agree with him.

Kathy 9:22 AM  
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Humphrey Family 9:38 PM  

I will agree to disagree. I am so glad that we are friends because we can maintain our differences without hating each other. You know who I voted for..and yes, I still love him and his policies and everything he stands for. Thank Goodness for America, the land of free speech!