'Nuff Said

I can confirm that these are real, I ate almost the whole bag (I let others taste them too), and that they do have a bit of a game-y taste.

They are from the UK.

Walker's Crisps - Cajun Squirrel


txmommy 4:47 PM  

where did you get those?? crazy :)

Jamie 9:51 PM  

You ate almost the whole bag? And it's not that I'm asking whether it's reasonable to eat an entire bag of chips yourself because I personally have no problems with this. But squirrel flavor? Wow.

Kathy 8:12 AM  

Just to say: this was a post from Steve and also it was a small "snack" size bag. But in my opinion they were gross.

The Awesome Rawsons 8:50 PM  

you are kidding me...who says "i think i'll name them 'squirrel flavored' because that should appeal to the masses."

The Tall and Short of it 3:51 PM  

That's funny! Is it real?? Have you or Steve tried any other squirrel flavored food or just plain squirrel??
Hey, I'm not judging! I'm from CO and I have eaten a "special" part of a bull!!!!!!!!!

Kathy 3:58 PM  

Yes it is real!