Day (well I have lost track now) of sleeping in YOUR own bed

Well last night Emma slept all night. (till 6am). Spencer woke up once I think and I put him back in his bed. He woke up at 5am.

Jessica, they are both sleeping in Spencer's room. That bedroom only has one window and it is covered by a blackout curtain- so it is dark in there. Spencer has always been an early riser.

So cute- Emma said last night before she fell asleep. "Mom, I love bedtime because I am so tired."

Hope yall have a great day!
PS Fuzzy Taco is super Yummy!


Amber 9:41 AM  

Hey Kathy, glad things are getting better. Check out marissa's blog, she's having such a hard time gettting Sydney to sleep through the night. Really doesn't make me want to have kids anytime soon. I like my sleep too much!!