Day 3 of sleeping in YOUR own bed

Well day three went a little better than day 2. But pretty much the same. Spencer had a nap from 11am -2pm, Emma fell asleep at 5pm woke around 7pm. Then they both went to bed about 10pm. (not by my choice). Then they slept in their own beds (which are now both in Spencer's room) until 4:00am. Then we were all up for the day. Spencer napped at9am and Emma has not taken a nap yet. So hopefully soon we will get back on the 8pm bedtime and 6 am wake time schedule. That is what I would prefer. But I will have to say it was nice to get a good nights rest, also Steve let me go back to sleep at about 7am when he woke up.

So I think it is working and I am ready to face it again tonight because I know I can do it and I know it can only get better from here on out!


nikko 2:55 PM  

YAY! Glad to hear it!

Lexi 3:14 PM  

Try cutting back in increments- if you phase them back to their normal bedtimes in 15 minute to half hour increments, they'll probably be much happier and you'll be back to getting some Zzzz's yourself. So tonight, try getting them into bed by 9:30 or 9:45, the next night 9:15-9:30 and then proceed backwards until you get them back on track. You'll get it- hang in there!

Jessica 9:02 PM  

That's great Kathy. Could you cover their windows and make the room super dark so they will sleep longer? The boys room is pitch black and they sleep until at least 7.