Scrap Book Retreat

This is my friend Holly and myself at the scrapbook retreat we went to a few weeks ago. I am a little behind in posting if you can't tell. We had a great time being catered every meal. It was great not to have to cook a single meal or clean up after it. I was so tired when I got home. Holly & I stayed up every night till 2am just talking. Then she found out I snore and she is still talks to me, what a great friend. Thanks Holly for a fun weekend.


Holly 11:03 AM  

Despite the slight nighttime disturbance =) I loved the freedom I had to do what I wanted when I wanted how I wanted for an entire weekend, Thank YOU for the great weekend, lets do it again next year!

The Awesome Rawsons 8:48 PM have every meal catered is worth going...even if i don't scrapbook!

The Tall and Short of it 3:45 PM  


Kathy 3:57 PM  

Courtney, the fun thing is you can do what ever you want there, you don't have to scrapbook!