Well I have been busy the last week. I finished Poisonwood Bible for bookclub, it was very good. Then I started Austenland because it was short and I am waiting for the Library to order The Host by Stephenie Meyers for me. I will have to say Austenland was so cute. I read it in 2 days! Which if you know me that is very quick. I really enjoyed the fun loving original story line & would highly recommend it.

So now I am reading Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver and it is off to a real slow start but Stacy B. (from BR) recommended it to me and hopefully will turn out better than it began.

Happy Reading!


I have a good life 7:43 AM  

I love reading, too! I can't wait to read "The Host" as well. I reserved it at another library, but I was 76th on the list! Crazy.

Cathi 2:25 PM  

The Host is so good! If you loved Twilight you'll love The Host. And Bean Trees is pretty good too, although a little different from the books I normally read. I read it in high school and remember that I enjoyed it, but it didn't make my list of top faves.