Here is my little princess, yes she is riding her bike in a nice dress. She is going through a stage right now, it is called "I want to wear a dress" stage. I dress her in the morning and she will go change her clothes and put on a dress. Sometime I let her stay in a dress, just depends what the days plans are. She is getting so big, I can't believe she will be turing 4 this year!
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Allyson 2:51 PM  

Aubrey is going through that stage too. I gave up on buying her shorts and I started buying her cute little skirts and dresses that she can wear to play in. I think it is cute that they are in that stage.

Jenn 9:39 PM  

I love this dress. Is it black?? So cute

Kathy 7:20 AM  

Yes it is black. I think I got it from Macy's or Dillards.