Sewing Projects.....finished

I have been promising my niece a skirt like Emma's patchwork skirt I did a while back. I finally got around to making it.

Emma asked me if she was really good at school if she could have a sewing lesson. I said yes. She was -she got perfect conduct and so we went to the fabric store, I let her choose her fabric to make a baby blanket for her dolls. This is the finished product. She did all the sewing and even helped me hand sew some of the buttons, then she got tired and asked me to finish. There were a lot of buttons and it took me till late in the evening to finish (Emma had gone to bed). So the next morning I said, "Emma here is your finished blanket." And she said, "oh, I love it. Mom since this took you so long to finish, I love you even more for all your hard work." I thought that was sweet of her to recognize the hours of work I put in to finish it for her. I love my Em.


txmommy 7:00 AM  

I love the skirt! and what a sweet girl you have:)

Tina 12:30 PM  

How precious of her to say that to you. They always surprise us don't they?

The skirt looks fabulous. You are always doing something crafty and fun. I'm impressed!

Stacy Hutchinson 6:40 PM  

Too cute. Ayden says he's going to marry his baby sister sometimes too! That skirt is awesome, just like the last.