If I CAN, you CAN

So I made and canned strawberry jam today for the 1st time.
Here are some tips:

Tip #1: it is messy, wear an apron
Tip#2: you need 2 stock pots or 1 stock pot to cook your jam & the big canner pot at walmart ($25) to process it (boil for 10 min)
Tip #3: it lasts for a year ( I thought it lasted longer, but I guess that will work)


Jay 7:32 PM  

YAY! I am so glad it turned out!

Maren 9:15 PM  

I really want to do this...maybe next year. I just made freezer jam this year for the first time. Baby steps for me!

Julia Walker 5:03 AM  

Kathy, I want to follow your blog, but there is no "Follow" button.


Tina 9:48 AM  

Wow!! I'm impressed! Way to go. I've always loved my mom's jam. She even brought some on the plane in August for me. The people at the airport had to open her bag and examin it before they would let it get on the plane. So funny!!

Shuldberg's in Texas 8:50 PM  

I make freezer jam. It lasts...years. Definately need an apron, it's a sticky mess.