I am gonna get married.......

Emma keeps asking about her future husband. She says, "I am going to marry Spencer." Then when we told her, "no you are not", she said, "OK, I will marry dad." To which he replied- "I am already taken."

A few days later Emma said she was going to marry her school friend, Xander. This was the day after she came home and said, "Xander says he does not like me." So I said "I thought he did not like you, then she said "well when we get married he will!"

She makes me laugh!


Colleen 8:53 AM  

haha, hilarious! Put him in a headlock, Em, and drag him down the aisle! That-a-girl! I like a girl who knows what she wants and doesn't take no for an answer! haha! ;)

Michael Upchurch 6:49 AM  

That is sooooo cute!