I have been doing this....

We started the ticket system in our home with our children. They can do certain things & earn tickets and then every saturday they can cash their tickets in for prizes. These are their pouches I made to put their tickets that they have earned in.
This is my pouch to hold the tickets to be distributed.
This is a pleated coin pouch I made.
This is a play mat (blanket) I made for Spencer. He will have to earn 100 tickets to get it. He is on his way. He earned 10 today doing lots of chores around the house. He was very excited that he could be doing things to earn more tickets.
Emma is not as convinced. I made the little purse for her to earn, but I have not showed it to her yet, maybe then she will get more motivated to earn tickets.

I am planning on making a few more pouches for Emma's teachers at school. The first week in May is teacher appr. week.


Kelly 12:36 PM  

very cute kathy! I love spencers blanket!!! I thnk when mom gets her machine we need to choose on saturday a month where we (girls) go to moms and do crafts... of anykind or scrapbook whatever... while the guys babysit!!! (so you can teach us!!)

Kathy 2:15 PM  

Yes that sounds great! I love the idea. Oh course you don't have to wait for that, yall are welcome anytime.

The Texas Bakers 7:27 PM  

I love that playmat! So cool!