Stuffed French Toast

Well sorry I did not take a picture of it but believe my it is mouth watering.
Stuffed French Toast
6oz cream cheese, at room tempperature
3 T sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
8 slices of high quality sandwich bread (I used Texas toast- bread)
1 large egg
1 cup cold water
1/2 cup flour
1tsp vanilla
4T unsalted butter
Maple syrup or your favorite kind\

1. Combine the cream cheese, sugar, & cinnamon in a medium bowl. Spread mixture on 4 slices of bread (I think I made 10 total out of this) top with remaining bread slices pressing gently to form sandwiches.
2. Combine egg, water, flour, & vanilla in a shallow pie plate. Melt 2 T butter on the skillet over medium heat. Dip both sides in the egg mixture & place on skillet. Cook until golden on both sides.
3. Cut the french toast into triangles and serve immediately.

Serve bacon on the side. Yum and they are yummy when reheated the next day!


I have a good life 9:03 PM  

Sounds good! It doesn't even sound too sweet. Yummy holiday food!

Jay 3:42 PM  

This looks SO yummy! I'm going to have to try it.

Jessica 7:38 PM  

How fun! I want to drive to the Mall of America JUST for the Lego store for the a six hour car trip worth it? Not too far, but also not too close. Maybe spring break? An overnight trip.
BTW, did everyone go or just you and E? Either way SO COOL

Sweet Papery 7:11 PM  

How seriously fun! I want to go to Hawaii for my birthday. Will you take me?

Betsy 10:46 PM  

Thanks for posting this recipe--I am going to have to try it out.