So as you might or might not know Steve is now up to running 5 miles. Ya for him. He has also lost 60 lbs. So he has challenged me to run the 5K with him in April. I have never ran, I am pretty sure I don't like to do it. I have been resisting this challenge for a while now. Well last night he told me that when I run a mile he will buy me a new pair of shoes. Well I guess he did not think I could do it, honestly I did not either. So this morning I went to the gym and I did it. It took me 14:02, but I did it. So now my goal is to obviously shorten my time & continue to get back in shape.
Thanks honey for all the motivation and inspiration you have been for me. Love you.


nikko 2:36 PM  

Good for you! I think that's a perfectly respectable mile time! :o)

Jeremy and Leah 9:07 AM  

I think that running is contagious. You see how much good it does for someone and then you want to give it a try too. You did great! There is nothing wrong with that time, it was your first time! Hope you like your new shoes!

Allyson 12:29 AM  

WOO HOO for you!

Farrah 9:24 PM  

You go girl! I never thought I would be able to run much less that I would ever like it. But I do!