Happy Birthday to my little boy

1st bday
1st bday
2nd birthday
3rd bithday

Why does time run away from me.....
I am not mean, I promise..........

Why does it seem as if just yesterday
That I held my sweet baby boy in my arms

Why do they have to grow
It is part of HIS plan, I know

I will be grateful God has given me
the chance to, a Mother, be


Colleen 10:07 PM  

Spencer is SOOO cute! I know, they grow up too fast! I caught myself saying to someone that I just had a baby, and then I thought, well, actually, that was about 6 months ago! hahaha, time flies!! Time to have another baby, I guess, lol, NOT!! (Did I just say NOT at the end of my sentence?...sheesh, go back to the 80's, Colleen, haha!)

I have a good life 2:08 PM  

He is so cute! I love the pictures. LD has really enjoyed being with him in nursery. He gets so excited when we see him at church! :)

The Tall and Short of it 1:29 PM  

oh my heck- look at all that hair! so cute!
Happy birthday!

Tina Fowler 6:52 PM  

I can't believe how much Spencer has grown in the blink of an eye! What a sweet, dear little boy.